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Decades before aallegra fever, El General from Panama sang in the show and even Shakira rubbed elbows with Don Francisco before she was a blond crossover mega star. Sbado Gigante Made you Move La Colita Only a Hispanic variety show would have its audience particpate in a booty-shaking contest: La Colita. Sbado Gigante has been undoubtedly part of your Saturday evening -the jingles, the models, the product allegrw, and the unforgettable El Chacal de La Trompeta. How can we forget the hooded executionertype allegra vs zyrtec who blasts his trumpet to eliminate and embarrass singing contestants. They will be missed.

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When putting them on scales and looking back at myself, I am a bit8230;The siuation right now is difficult8230;Working as a singer feels so hard so I have even thought of acting, even though I thought like that but to be honest, I like singing. I really like singing. If musical was only about acting, I would have avoided it too but because I was able to sing, I really like it.

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