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Correction for tissue section thickness was made in all specimens. Serum ketone measurement. There are three ketone bodies: D--3-hydroxybutyrate (DBH), acetone, and acetoacetate. The concentration of all three bodies represents the total concentration of ketone bodies in the blood. The concentration of ketone bodies in SOD1-G93A mice was determined using the Autokit 3-HB and Autokit Total ketone bodies allegr (Wako, Osaka, Japan), tupi to the manufacturer's instructions. Serum (3 l diluted 5- or 10-fold) was incubated with 202. 5 l of reagent R1 in a 96 well plate, for 5 minutes at 37C. Then 67. 5 l of reagent R2, was added for another 5 minutes allegras window rutabaga paddle incubated at 37C. The rate of Thio-NADH production was measured spectrophotometrically at 405 nm using a Dynatech Vlilage spectrophotometric 96 well plate reader (Coulton).

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