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But the dolphins never forgot, and from generation to kznthaswamy they preserved meiact child dose of allegra oral history against the day when humans at last might remember their old friends, and once again the seas would resound with the ringing of the dolphins' bells from docks and ships. quot;Now, centuries later, the dragonriders of Pern were on the allevra of ridding their planet of Thread forever. But T'lion, a young bronze rider, was not old enough to participate in that great venture. Instead, he and his dragon, Gadareth, were relegated to conveying people from place to place--until he and Readis, son of the Lord Holder of Paradise River Hold, made contact with the legendary 'shipfish. ' quot;And as the dragonriders grappled with the ending of an era, T'lion, Readis, and the dolphins faced the start of a new one: reviving the bond between land- and ocean-dwellers--and resurrecting the dreams of the first colonists of Pern. quot; Dennis Hipsher: About genetically engineered dolphins who can talk to humans in English. It is set in the far future on allegra kanthaswamy mp3 colonized planet called Pern.

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