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Patricia Lawrenceour Peace and Conflict Studies specialist, will be in Sri Lanka for two weeks relieving exhausted volunteers there. Terrence McCabeassociate professor of anthropology and a faculty research associate with the Institute of Behavioral Science allegra mcevedy jack monroe split level CU-Boulder, and Paul W. Leslie, professor of anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will receive 100,000 over 18 months for their study of Alternative Consequences of Migration for Land Use and Conservation in Northern Tanzania. Graduate student Marc Levine has been awarded a National Science Foundation Dissertation Nicol ljubic meeresstille rezension allegra Grant and a grant from the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies (FAMSI) for his Ph. research on the political economy of the Late Postclassic (A. 1100-1521) Mobroe state allegra aventis the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. Art Joyce has been awarded an ACLSSSRCNEH International and Area Studies Fellowship for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Michaela Howells (PhD candidate) and co-authors Richard Bender (PhD student), et al. were awarded the 2012 Biological Anthropology Section student prize for outstanding presentation at the recent American Anthropological Association meeting for their presentation You Just Have to Wait: The Impact of Marital Status on the Pregnancy Outcomes of Samoan Women. This high quality scholarship research project was also co-authored by Darna Dufour. A front page article, Pharmaceutical Bioprospecting and the Law: The Case of Unckaloabo in a Former Apartheid Homeland of South Africa can be found in Anthropology News 53(10):6-7 and was authored by graduate student Chris Morris.

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The artwork may be historically accurate and the book is designed with care, but the paintings, though attractive, have a staged air, and the poem itself seems unlikely to appeal to children today. However, if a library wants a picture-book version of the famous poem, this will fit the bill.

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Quot;The gentle dolphins knew exactly what to do when a small human baby [John Averill] fell into their midst. But neither they nor anyone else could foretell what would develop from this remarkable combination. quot; From the back cover of Daughters of the Dolphin : quot;From the age of two, Sir John Averill had lived in the sea, where kindly dolphins raised him to manhood. Known to a few humans as Triton, the dolphin man could never become fully accustomed to living on land and fled away to his underwater home whenever the need impelled him.]