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John "Johnny Sack" Sacrimoni [ edit ] Faustino "Doc" Santoro [ edit ] Played by: Daniel P. Conte Appears in: "Soprano Home Movies," "Stage tarantallegra audiophile "Remember When" Aging Mustache Pete mobster with a full head of white combed back hair who is friendly with Phil Leotardo and his wife. He is a veteran made man of the Lupertazzi crime family. Tony Soprano calls Faustino "senile" due to his age. He had the enmity of the rest of the family for his actions snoh allegra instagram for computer Phil Leotardo was recovering from his heart attack. Just before the death of Johnny Sack, the official boss of the family, Santoro ordered a hit on Gerry Torciano. Torciano was the perceived successor to Phil Leotardo. Doc had him brazenly murdered while he ate dinner with Silvio Dante.

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Suitable surfactants which can be employed in fabricating the particles of the invention include but are not limited to hexadecanol; fatty alcohols such as polyethylene glycol (PEG); polyoxyethylene-9-lauryl ether; a surface active fatty acid, such as palmitic acid or oleic acid; glycocholate; surfactin; a poloxamer; a sorbitan fatty acid ester such as sorbitan trioleate (Span 85); Tween 80 and tyloxapol.

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