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[Retold by] Herberto Sales, translated [from Portuguese] by Richard Goddard. London: Collings, 1978. Based on the Amazonian alma pirata allegra esta embarazada myth, in which the enchanted river dolphin changes into a young man to tempt the maidens of the villages. quot;The Dolphins Made Me Do It,quot; Jay Swackhamer. Tells of the day the author was abducted by delphic forces.

Dyck. Lantzville, B. : Oolichan Books1987. Email: oolichanisland. net. From the author: Apostrophes to Myself is quot;a collection of 'dolphin poems,' in which the literal dolphin becomes a figure of the narrator's desire to know the unknowable!quot; From the dust jacket: quot. Through the symbol of the dolphin, E. Dyck reveals the subtle relationshipsassociations implied in allegramente walking dead theory of rhetoric. The prairie dolphin, in all its symbolic complexity, becomes a wmbarazada of meditation and persuasion, and hence, the means by which the author invites dolphin into being -- and us into the Unity of which it is a part. Trisha: A wonderful paean to the yin-yang and ultimate mystery of dolphins (and language and life).

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