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Clinically important relief was defined as 3 consecutive study measurements of ‚slight‚ to ‚complete‚ relief.

Cathy Cameron is pictured in the January edition of Anthropology News announcing her Weatherhead Fellowship award for her book project Captives: Invisible Agents of Change. In the book she sheds light on the relationships of gender, power and sexuality that surround the lives of captive women throughout time. Arizona State University plans to publish as a book, Mark Mitchells recently defended doctoral thesis on Continuity and Change in the Organization of Mandan Craft Production, 1400-1750. Steve Leksons History of the Ancient Southwest was voted among the Notable Books of the Year by the Pima Public Library consortium. Graduate student Katy Putsavage will receive funding from the New Mexico Archaeological Council for a neutron activation analysis (INAA) study of 50 ceramics from the Black Mountain site located in the Mimbres region. The research will allow for a more detailed understanding of how the people at the site were interacting with others in the region during the dramatic social and demographic changes in post 1125 AD.

Marius Hordijk da vida a Christopher Wallace. Mark Ruffalo da vida a Tulio Cavaradossi. Mark Wahlberg da vida a Carter Makelyne. Marlene Favela da vida a Eyra Erikdottir.]