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Maranzano also introduced the now-familiar Mafia hierarchy, boss, underboss, advisor, captain, soldier, and associate, by declaring himself boss of bosses, Maranzano reneged on the deal he had made with Lucky Luciano. In that deal, it was agreed that after Luciano was to help murder Masseria, for the most part the names stuck, but the Profaci family would be renamed the Colombo family, in reference to boss Joseph Colombo. 1908 Salvatore Don Turridru Bonanno, Joseph Joe Bananas Bonannos father,1911 Salvatore Bonanno is forced to return to Italy after noticing that his gang is facing problems with rivals back home in Castellamare del Golfo. Vito Bonventre, his cousin and underboss, becomes boss,1921 Nicola Cola Schiro is promoted to boss, though he was seen as a figurehead for powerful members like Vito Bonventre, and later on, Salvatore Maranzano.

Coming of age adventure of prince Merlux. Born in this apocalyptic age, the sea and his dolphin nation nearly destroyed by the two legged demons of the surface world, Merlux discovers that he has inherited the psychic powers of the kings. quot;Hunted mercilessly by the unscrupulous human Dirk Rudra, Merlux is witness to his own family's destruction within a dreaded 'purse seine' net. The young white dolphin flees to save the lineage stretching back to Apollo the skygoer.

"Vuoi dire che non la rivedremo pi¨?" "Credo che la rivedremo.]