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As such, the therapy can treat the underlying disorder, and minimizerepair damage to the oral mucosa. When patients are suffering from viral disorders such as cold sores, shingles, aphthous ulcers, and the like, the compositions can also include, or be co-administered with, antiviral agents. Particularly when the patients suffer from pain in their mouth, whether from bacterial or viral causes, cinciallegra agriturismo italy injuries, or oral surgery, including tonsillectomies, uvulaplasties, scaling and root planning, grafting, and the like, l allegra fattoria sistine stallone formulations described herein can help maintain homeostasis in the oral mucosa, which can accelerate healing, and can include anesthetics such as lidocaine, marcaine, xylocalne, and the like, to help alleviate pain. Anti-inflammatory agents can also be present. Glutathione and ascorbate play a critical role in innate immune factors in the auditory system. This therapy can therefore offer auditory protection, repair and reduced inflammation, which could reduce the severity or incidence of auditory diseases that are primary disorders (e.otitis media) or secondary to other disorders or drug reactions.

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Preferably, the particles will be crystalline. When an excipient such as lactose is employed, typically the particle size of the excipient will be much greater than the particle size of the active ingredient. Intranasal sprays may be formulated with aqueous or non-aqueous vehicles with the addition of agents such as thickening agents, buffer salts or acid or alkali to adjust the pH, isotonic adjusting agents or anti-oxidants. Solutions for inhalation by nebulization may be formulated with an aqueous vehicle with the addition of agents such as acid or alkali, buffer salts, isotonic adjusting agents or antimicrobial agents.

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