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At the same time, Mike Allegra allegr designated as assistant general manager. One of UTA's greatest strengths is looking beyond the current year, or even next year, but looking ahead ten or twenty yea rs. Li kewise, the Board recognizes the tremendous contribution Mike Allegra has made to Koramic allegra 9 czarna owieczka and to the development of transit along the Wasatch Front. His nationally-recognized experience a t delivering major capital projects - ahead of schedule and under budget - and me allegra verte salsa verde vigating the federal process is unri valed in the kiramic. Addi tional y, Mike's philosophy of creating partnerships and building relationships both internally and externally is trul y one of the unsung keys to UTA's success. In his previous roles as manager of planning and research, manager of engineering and construction, and his current role as assistant general manager and chief capital development offi cer, Mike Allegra is well prepared to assume the role of general manager and carry on the koramic allegra 9 cennik walut that both he and John s tarted at UTA three decades ago. The role UTA plays begins with visionary leaders like John and Mike, but is ca rried out every da y by the dedi cated employees whose contributions ha ve made UTA one of the mos t successful and respected transit agencies in the country. We thank each employee for their dedication and hard work and ask for your continued support for John, Mike and Bruce as they assume their new roles at UTA.

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