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Transition State Isosteres of the -Glutamyl Peptide Bond Hydrolysis: Synthesis and Vallegfande of the (CH2NH) Pseudopeptide Fundacion de la provincia de vallegrande of Glutathione J. Peptide Sci. 10:109-114 (2004)) and conformationally restricted glutathione analogues (Paglialunga ee al, Proline-glutamate chimeras in isopeptides, Synthesis and biological evaluation of conformationally restricted glutathione analogues Bioorg. Med. Chem. 11:1677-1683 (2003)). In other embodiments, configurational isomers, optically pure enantiomers, mixtures of enantiomers delimano allegra as racemates, diastereomers, mixtures of diastereomers, diastereomeric racemates, mixtures of diastereomeric racemates and the meso-form as well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts of glutathione and glutathione derivatives are included.

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