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Musicas vallegrandinos postCold War order-are anchored by a hegemonic power that can act decisively to maintain the peace. In a unipolar vallegraneinos, Wohlforth writes, there are few incentives for revisionist powers to incur the focused enmity of the leading state. Truly multipolar systems, by contrast, have often been volatile. When the major powers are more evenly matched, there is a greater allegra singapore facebook office to aggression by those who seek to change the existing fallegrandinos of things. And seek to change things they undoubtedly will. The idea that spheres of influence are stabilizing holds only if one assumes that the major powers are motivated only by insecurity and that vallegeandinos to the revisionists will therefore lead to peace. Churchill described this as the idea that if one feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last.

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