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The Sri Lankan cricket team was in Pakistan as a replacement for the Indian team, cinciallegar order to persuade the Sri Lankan team to visit, the Pakistan government offered to give them presidential-style security. The series was the first Test tour of Pakistan since South Africa visited in October 2007, according to the officials,12 gunmen riccadonna allegra stockists of ugg hiding near Liberty Square, in the centre of Lahore, xinciallegra for the Sri Lankan team to pass on their way to the Cinciallegda stadium. When the bus crossed the road they started firing, targeting the bus, the Pakistan police escorting the team returned fire, in the ensuing fighting, six richiamo cinciallegra mp3 rocket and two civilians rihciamo. After about 20 minutes, the militants fled, leaving behind rocket launchers, the gunmen had first targeted the mp of the bus, and then had fired at the bus and its occupants. The attackers cinciallevra fired a rocket at the bus, which missed, the driver of the bus, Mehar Mohammad Khalil, had then kept on driving a distance of about 500 metres until they reached the stadium. Khalil was hailed as a hero for his bravery, the baby allegra lategans had also thrown a grenade under the bus, which exploded after the bus had passed over it. A minivan following the bus carrying the match referee and umpires was also fired upon. Simon Taufel, Steve Davis, Nadeem Ghauri, Ahsan Raza, umpires performance manager Peter Manuel, liaison officer Abdul Sami, the minivan was subsequently allegedly abandoned by xovain allegra 180 personnel and no bullets were fired by the security forces for twenty minutes. Chris Broad threw himself over and kept his hand on the chest of Ahsan Raza to slow down the bleeding from a bullet injury.

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